Allens Boots

Allens Boots has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike since it first opened its doors on South Congress Ave. With plenty to offer, whether you need help finding your perfect boot or just want some advice about what kind will work best for any occasion- they’ve got the answer.

Are you looking for some new boots? Well, I have just the place. Allens Boot’s selection is as diverse and extensive as they come. You’ll immediately recognize this footwear institution by their iconic red cowboy boot signage- an Austin classic that can’t be missed out on if visiting or living here in town.

Cowboy enthusiasts from all over the world come to Allens Boots for a good old fashioned boot fix. The store has been fitting men and women for these iconic Western wear since before you knew there was such thing as “Cowboy tourism.”

When you walk into Allens Boots, the first thing that hits your senses is leather. Thousands of pairs are on display for every type imaginable, from exotic Caiman crocodile skin to Western booties and everything in between.

Situated at 1522 S Congress Ave., Austin, Texas, 78704, United States, Allens Boots is among the most popular stores in Texas. Texans will recognize brands such as Lucchese and Tony Lama; others might gravitate towards Frye if they are looking for a complete outfit change. Need help finding what you need? They have cowboy hats, belts, leather jackets jeans accessory options, too, so no matter how tired or dressed up your current look get, there’s always an option at Allens Boots.

The alligator-skin boots by Lucchese are a fancy dollar menu item. They cost $3,000 and have precious metal detailing on them to make sure your feet feel like they’re walking along the riverbank while you wear these bad boys.

Allens Boots is the place to go if you’re looking for some new boots. The selection of styles and brands has something that will suit any taste, from cute dressy onesies all the way up to rugged workwear. And don’t forget about their great deals- they’ve got incredible offers every day on footwear as well as clothing, so be sure not to miss out.

Allens Boots is more than just a store for cowboys. They’ve got your everyday needs covered as well. If you’re new to wearing Cowboy boots, don’t worry about trying them on if that’s not what interests or fits in with any other garments of yours- do so anyway because it can be an experience down to removing these classic shoes once they’ve been properly fitted by one of their experts at Allens Boots, unlike some brands where getting stuck pulling hard could result injury.

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