Austin Steam Train

The Austin Steam Train Association team has been working for years to preserve and re-create authentic steam engine experiences from the early American era. The mission of the Austin Steam Train Association is to preserve and interpret historic train rides for modern-day visitors.

What’s your favorite car on the rails? The Santa Fe #3163, now renamed Cedar Park, was a stainless steel Budd Company passenger train vehicle that ran between Los Angeles and San Diego in 1946. It originally served as both coach class seating for 52 people or more at one time and had an observation platform up front where you could get excellent views from behind closed doors.

The best way to experience the wonderful world of trains is by riding on one. Visitors can choose from a selection, such as Sunset Express, which has special offers and themes listed online for their convenience. In addition, make sure you check out the train museum while here – it might just keep all your old memories fresh again with new adventures waiting inside. This train is the definition of luxury. The leather seats and sunroof make for a smooth ride, while hidden compartments keep your belongings safe in-store.

You’ll feel like you’re taking a trip back in time as the engine churns up dirt and leaves behind an exhausting aroma. The vintage train was built when people weren’t always so concerned with comfort, but they made sure this one had it. The magnificent scenic views will take your breath away while you make your way through the Texas Hill Country – all from classic onboard cars that have been restored to reflect what customers might have known about trains before modern bridles were invented.

This trip is a must for any travel enthusiast. You will be able to see the beautiful Texas Hill Country take in some wildlife along Short Creek Canyon and South San Gabriel River before finishing off with an exciting train ride across a 300-foot trestle bridge over these two bodies of water. There’s a 2-hour stopover in Burnet, the Bluebonnet Capital of Texas, where you can get your shopping done and see sights at the town square. You may even watch a historical reenactment.

Step aboard the steam train for a scenic journey through the picturesque country. The perfect way to introduce friends and family members who live far away from your hometown. The steam train that starts at Cedar Park area will take you on an unforgettable journey through Texa’s scenic countryside.

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