Barton Creek

The Barton Creek neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Austin, Texas, with a median real estate price that ranges around $1,278,987. This makes it more costly than 97 percent of other neighborhoods across America and 93% nationwide.

The Barton Creek neighborhood in Austin, TX, is a great place to live if you can afford it. The average rental price currently stands at $2,407 – which makes the cost higher than 90.1% of other areas across Texas.

Imagine geometric patterns and soothing colors in your backyard. The Barton Creek neighborhood is perfect for those who want a slower-paced lifestyle with plenty of space to enjoy nature at every turn, but it’s not too far from downtown Austin either.

The Barton Creek neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something small or medium-sized. There’s also plenty of opportunity here with apartments that range from studio size up to four-bedroom homes, so every person should be able to find their perfect match.

The Barton Creek neighborhood is an excellent example of what can happen when you mix new construction with old. There are plenty of homes here that were built between 1970 and 1999 as well, meaning they date back to before many people had ever heard about the remote control. However, the majority of residences in this magnificent community were built between 2000 and recently, which shows that this community is full of newer constructions fitted with modern architecture and facilities.

This newer neighborhood has the feel of a community in its early stages, with homes that are newly built and still smell fresh from their paint jobs. Homes here make up a higher proportion than 97.5 percent for neighborhoods across America- though you’ll notice right away how many were constructed after 2000 when driving around this area because 66.1 percent fall into that category.

The neighbors in this Austin neighborhood are upper-middle class, which makes it an above average income area. With a higher monthly revenue than 84% of the communities across America, you’ll never be short-changed when living here.

In the Barton Creek neighborhood, residents primarily speak English (75.7%) in their households, with a Spanish accent coming in second at 16%.

This Austin neighborhood is home to many different ethnicities and ancestors. The most commonly identified ancestry among the population here is Mexican at 18.7%, followed by English with 10.7%, German roots, which account for 10.1%, Asian descent brings up another 8.8%. There are also Irishmen (4.9%) who’ve made their way onto this land many centuries ago, alongside other immigrants. And don’t forget about those people born outside of America (16%).

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