Brushy Bend Park

Brushy Bend Park is a beautiful, well-shaded suburban neighborhood in Round Rock. The open spaces and lush trees make it an ideal place to live with your family or enjoy just time away from work.

The median home price in the Brushy Bend Park neighborhood is $493,595, which makes it more expensive than 89.7% of neighborhoods across Texas and 76.2% nationwide. This means that buyers should expect to pay a higher median price for homes here, but it also means you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Brushy Bend Park neighborhood is not only one of the most expensive rental neighborhoods in Texas, but it also has an extremely high cost when compared to other locales. The average rental price in this Brushy Bend Park community is $3,664 per month. That’s higher than 99.2% of other Texas neighborhoods.

The Brushy Bend Park neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something between city life and country tranquility. There are plenty of three or four-bedroom houses that can fit any family’s needs, but for those who want more room, there also exist large single-family homes with five bedrooms.

The neighborhood of Brushy Bend Park is home to many owner-occupied homes. The newest ones were built in 2000 or later, while older houses can be found throughout the area as well– some even dating between 1970 -1999.

The area of Brushy Bend Park is a wealthy community in the United States. In fact, only 4% of America’s neighborhoods are richer than this one. This means that real estate here stays well maintained and valuable over time, too – which suits people who want their homes looked after by professionals while they’re away on vacation or working long hours for business commitments elsewhere, especially since most drivers seem to hail from luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz cars.

The Brushy Bend Park neighborhood in the city has a remarkable distinction. With 98% of its residential real estate made up of free-standing single-family homes, this area shows more preference for such houses than 97% of all other American neighborhoods.

The people in this Brushy Bend Park neighborhood are among the wealthiest citizens of Round Rock. They have a higher income than 95.8% of other neighborhoods across America.

The people living in this neighborhood are diverse and interesting. They speak numerous different languages, but the most common one here is English, with 73% of households speaking it as their first language. Other important ones include Spanish, Korean, or Langs Of India.

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