Brushy Slope

Brushy Slope is a suburban neighborhood in the city of Round Rock, which is a great place to call home in case you’re looking for proximity to all the major amenities and activities this city has to offer.

The Brushy Slope neighborhood is an expensive place to live in comparison with other American neighborhoods. The median real estate price here amounts to $346,089, which makes it more costly than 80.8% of the places across Texas and 63.6% nationwide.

The Brushy Slope neighborhood is one of the most expensive rental areas in Texas. The average cost per month to rent this home would be $1,779, and it’s higher than 68 percent of neighborhoods across our state.

The Brushy Slope neighborhood is a great place to live if you want something between the city life and country feel. This area has small apartments, medium-sized homes with multiple bedrooms, as well as single-family houses that offer privacy for those who like their space but don’t need much room.

The Brushy Slope neighborhood in this part of town has a mix of old and new homes. Many were built between 1970-1999, but there are also some that came after 2000 or so to make up for all those empty nesters who want something different from their starter house without having paid too much money when they had kids at an earlier date than expected.

The people who live in the Brushy Slope neighborhood are lower-middle class, which makes it a below-average income area. This means that they make less money than 63% of all U.S neighborhoods do.

The people living in the Brushy Slope neighborhood are mostly English-speaking, with 57% speaking only that language. Spanish is also heard to some extent here; 37 percent speak it as well.

The neighborhood of Brushy Slope in Round Rock, TX, is home to many different ethnicities and ancestry. The most commonly reported ethic ascendancy is Mexican at 44.1%. There are also people with German roots who make up 9.3%, while some live here having Irish (6.7%), English (6.4%), or Asian (3.3%) ancestors too. Additionally, 19.7% were born outside the United States. A great place for everyone who wants an affordable single-family house near downtown Round Rock without sacrificing privacy or comfort.

Commute time in this area is shorter than in most other areas. 38% of working residents here commute between 15-30 minutes one way, which means they don’t have long commutes as many Americans do.

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