Cedar Grove

Cedar Grove, a new community in Cedar Park, Texas area comprises single-family homes that come with different floor plans to fit your desired style and budget. Located just 30 minutes outside Austin, this Development was built between 2016 – 2017.

This fantastic neighborhood is the perfect place for families to call home, as it offers charming amenities and easy access to public schools. With many parks within walking distance from your new residence as well as outdoor recreation areas very close by and accessible through any means of transport – you’ll never have trouble finding ways to spend time together.

When you want to escape the struggles of life, it’s hard not to find peace in a quaint little neighborhood like Cedar Grove. The serene atmosphere is thanks primarily to its intimate setting with charming amenities that include playgrounds for children and picnic tables where friends can meet up during their free time.

Cedar Grove is an excellent place for those looking to live in proximity to grocery stores and public schools. Giddens Elementary School – part of Leander Independent School District- can be found just down the street from this property.

With the community’s amenities and proximity to several public parks, residents have a great time outdoors at any given moment. Cedar Park Recreation Center has indoor gymnasiums and a fitness center that caters to all sport’s needs. The center also has jogging tracks where you can watch your children play without having them come into contact with dirt-filled fields. There are also game rooms filled will arts & crafts supplies.  

The Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Grove is an excellent place for an active lifestyle. Not only does it have the most prominent outdoor aquatic facility in town, but there are also pavilions and a five-acre dog park that will keep your furry friend happy. If you’re looking for some sports practice fields or want privacy from other people while playing on one of their own, this location has plenty to offer. It has multiple types depending upon what kind of sport they prefer, whether it’s basketball & tennis courts right off-site or more competitive ones such as soccer field. Everything is included within this community garden which offers opportunities not found locally.

Homeowners can visit places like the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden, take their dogs to Cedar Bark Park, or go canoeing on Brushy Creek Lake. This area is a hub for events such as festivals and art fairs that showcase local talent; there are many things to do in this quaint little town. 

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