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If you’re considering cedar shake roofing for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Greater Austin Roofers is a full-service roofing company that specializes in installing, replacing, and repairing roofs, gutters, and skylights. With over 30 years in business, we are committed to customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship, and competitive pricing.

Our Cedar Shake Roofing Services

cedar shake roofing services

Before you get started on your new roof, consider the types of wood shake shingles you want. The highest quality cedar shake shingles are made from straight-grained trees grown in the Southwest United States and Southwest Canada. The best quality shake shingles will be made from 100% straight-grain cedar, which will last for decades. The best ones will not warp, and will not rot or deteriorate.

If properly maintained, a wood shake roof can last as long as 50 years or even more, depending on the type of wood and the climate. After all, a good roof should look beautiful for decades.

When choosing cedar shake roofs, make sure to select the right stain for the material. It should be translucent, but some homeowners prefer to choose a darker color. You can also choose a color that complements your existing home’s color. Lastly, you can choose those that reflect light in a way that’s attractive to the eye.

Cedar Shake Roof Installation Austin

cedar shake roof installation

A well-done cedar shake roof installation can last for several decades, but it does require periodic inspection and maintenance. Regardless of where you live in Texas, it is important to hire roofing contractors like us with a proven track record of quality wood shake installation.

There are 3 grades of cedar shake shingles. The common grade is the most common, while the select grade is better than the common grade. The third one is the 100% straight grain which will not warp or split. This type of shingle can last for thirty to fifty years if properly maintained. It can also be repainted, which adds value to your home.

There are different types of cedar shake shingles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re in Austin, you’ll want to choose the grade that will last the longest. Most people choose a semi-transparent stain to reveal the natural beauty of the wood. Choosing a shade of red or white will also add to the beauty of the roof. And while you’ll be able to see your home’s roof through the shingle, you’ll want to remember that you’ll have to take care of it as well.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Austin

cedar shake roof replacement

Cedar shake roof replacement is an important investment that will last for decades. Its natural beauty makes it a great choice for homes in the Central Texas region. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, wood shingles are also durable and require little maintenance. However, if the roof is not properly maintained, it will have to be replaced well before its time.

A cedar shake roof replacement is a great way to restore your home’s beauty. The best wood shake shingles are made from split logs, and we will be able to determine which type of cedar shingles will work best for your property. If you decide on a shingle style, you can choose from common, select, and 100% straight grain. Once you’ve chosen the type of wood shake roof you want, you’ll need to protect the surrounding area and allow our contractors to work.

Cedar Shake Roof Repair Austin

cedar shake roof repair

A cedar shake roof can last for 30 years or more, with proper care and maintenance. While the wood is naturally rot-resistant and attractive, you should have regular roof inspections to detect any issues before they become more serious.

Moreover, regular cleaning will prevent your roof from collecting debris, which can affect the life of your cedar shingles. With regular inspections and cleaning, you can be assured that your wood shake roof will be safe and reliable for many years to come.

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Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your roof needs regular maintenance to keep it looking and working great. It is also important to have it checked regularly to catch problems with wooden shingles that could lead to leaks down the road. Having it checked periodically will help you get the most life out of your cedar shake roof.

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