Centex is a suburban neighborhood in San Marcos, Texas. This community features homes with large lots that are close to shops or schools but have some privacy due to trees inside the community itself as well.

The Centex neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for more space and anonymity. It’s also close enough that it takes only a few minutes from downtown San Marcos, which means there are plenty of opportunities when seeking out entertainment or food.

The median home value in the Centex neighborhood is $111,865, which makes it more expensive than 26% of all neighborhoods across Texas and 19 percent nationwide.

In the Centex neighborhood, renters can expect to pay a higher average price than those living in other neighborhoods. The average price for a rental in the Centex neighborhood is $1597. This rent exceeds 61% of all other neighborhoods across Texas.

The Centex neighborhood is a great place to find an apartment that suits your needs. You can choose from small studios up to four-bedroom homes, so there’s sure be something for everyone. The smaller complexes tend to offer more amenities than larger buildings, making them perfect spots where college students or young professionals can find their own little home away from mommy dearest’s house.

There is a lot of residential real estate in the Centex neighborhood. A majority are renter-occupied, and many have been built between 1970-1999, while some were constructed as recently as 2000 or even after.

The Centex neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for people who are currently enrolled in college. With 33% of the population here attending class, it’s no surprise that this area has some serious educational vibe. In the Centex neighborhood, residents are more likely to be enrolled in college than 98.7% of other neighborhoods across America.

What makes the Centex neighborhood in Dallas so distinctive is that it has a lower average per capita income than 96.1% of all other U.S neighborhoods.

Sales and service workers are often the backbone of a local economy. In Centex, they truly stand out as being more than just an important part-they’re outright essential! This neighborhood has higher percentage rates for this type of work compared to 98% percent of all American neighborhoods, which proves how vital these hardworking folks really can be in supporting not only themselves but also others around them too by generating money through their employment activities every day.

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Driving Directions from Harmons Way to Centex

  1. Get on I-35 N in San Marcos from Posey Rd and N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd for 4 min (1.8 mi).
  2. Follow I-35 N to N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. Take exit 206 from I-35 N for 5 min (6.1 mi).
  3. Continue on N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd. Take Aquarena Springs Dr to Post Rd for 5 min (1.7 mi).
  4. After that, you’ll have arrived Centex.
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