County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch

When you think of the perfect suburban neighborhood, County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch is sure to be one that comes up. This area in Georgetown has some great features like access to schools and shopping centers without having too far from home.

What a beautiful, serene, and expensive neighborhood! The County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch real estate price is $45927 – which makes it more expensive than 89.5% of the neighborhoods in Texas and 75% nationwide. Not to mention that it’s one heckuva nice area too with all those tranquil views for you expense-minded folks out there who want their money worth from what they spent on housing or renting goods & services from someone else (not gonna lie, though; buying property might be better).

Not surprisingly, the rent in this area can be quite high. The average rental price here is $2,834, which makes it more expensive than 95% of neighborhoods across Texas.

The County Road 245 / Jennings Branch neighborhood is a great place to find your next home. With plenty of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes along with apartment complexes that have either one-bedroom apartments for young professionals on the go, studio configurations are perfect if you’re starting out small and need less space than what an entire house might offer then this may just be what’s waiting down the line.

The County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch neighborhood has a large number of newer, well-maintained homes. A lot are also found in this area that were built between 1970 and 1999, making it an excellent spot for those who want something different from their typical cookie-cutter houses. Also, In the County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch neighborhood, most of the houses are occupied by owner-occupants who have lived there for quite some time.

The folks of the County Rd 245/ Jennings Branch neighborhood may actually hold the key to a successful marriage. 70% are married, which is higher than 98% of other U.S. neighborhoods.

This Georgetown neighborhood may be the perfect place to retire. With above-average safety from crime and plenty of housing options, County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch could offer a quieter life than other popular locations in this state for older adults looking at making their last home there before dotage begins.

The County Rd 245 / Jennings Branch neighborhood is an excellent place for those who want to live in the suburbs with plenty of space and privacy. This area also has a higher rate than most others do, indicating that it may be stable as well.

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