County Rd 258 / U.S. Route 183

The rural neighborhood of County Rd 258 / U.S Route 183 in Georgetown is a perfect place to escape from city life, with its serene views and slow pace in comparison–it’s no wonder that this area attracts so many people who are looking for peace.

When it comes to real estate prices, the County Rd 258 / U.S Route 183 neighborhood is definitely a hot spot. This area has an abundance of luxury homes that are currently going for above-average amounts – around $611K, which makes them more expensive than 93% percent of neighborhoods in Texas as well as 82% nationwide.

The County Rd 258 / U.S. Route 183 neighborhood is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Texas, with an average rental price that currently stands at $2,802 per year – higher than 95 percent of other areas within our state.

The County Rd 258 / U.S. Route 183 neighborhood is a great place to buy real estate if you’re looking for single-family homes and apartments! There are mostly medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) to large five+ room houses that can fit any family’s needs here, as well as high-rise buildings with plenty of living space on each floor.

In the County Rd 258 / U.S. Route 183 neighborhood, most residential real estate is owner-occupied, with many newer houses built between 2000 and more recently. There’s also a number of homes that were constructed in the 1970s, some even as recent as 1999.

The married couples living in this single neighborhood have a higher concentration than 97.9% of all U.S neighborhoods, and they might find many people with similar lifestyles or common interests here; however, if you are single, it may be difficult for your to meet anyone else who lives in the County Rd 258 / U.S. Route 183 neighborhood.

This is an area where wealthy and educated executives live. They own stately homes with high appreciation rates, which attracts more people who want to be like them. If you’re looking for this type of community too, then look no further because County Rd 258/U.S. Route 183 has it all goin’ on – plus there are plenty of $1,426other benefits too (like good schools).

The County Rd 258 / U.S Route 183 neighborhood is one of the wealthiest communities in America, and indeed, even when compared to other wealthy suburbs around our country – residents here maintain a unique situation that can be seen as nothing else but extraordinary.

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