East Oak Hill North

The East Oak Hill North neighborhood of Austin, TX, is one that’s broken up by nature. It has the feel of a suburban area with its greenery and large lot sizes, but it only takes a few minutes for residents to get from downtown, where you’ll find all sorts of restaurants in this serene suburban setting.

The East Oak Hill North neighborhood is among the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city. The median real estate price here ($854K) exceeds that of 98% of other areas across Texas and 92.5% nationwide.

Besides, the median rental price in this neighborhood is $3,038per month. This makes it higher than 96% of neighborhoods across Texas.

The population of Austin, Texas, is steadily expanding, and the need for new housing has never been greater. East Oak Hill North provides an opportunity to contribute your share in this exciting time by living on one-acre lots with large backyard spaces perfect if you love outdoor entertaining.

East Oak Hill North is a neighborhood that has some great real estate to offer. The homes here range from small apartments, single-family houses, and high-rise condos or townhouses with prices tags reflecting this variety across all types for sale, so you’re sure not only get your money’s worth but also find something suited exactly for a place to call home. Whether you’re searching for something small and cozy or large enough that the whole family can enjoy, there are apartments suited just right for you.

The largely residential East Oak Hill North neighborhood is home to a mixture of owners and renters. Many houses in this Austin community were built between 1970 and 1999. There’s also newer construction in this area, with houses being completed since 2000.

The adults in this Austin neighborhood are generally wealthy and educated executives. Residents in this community own stately homes that tend to preserve high real estate appreciation rates, but they’re busy with their upper-level careers, so living comfortably isn’t always easy for them! If you want the same company as these successful people, consider settling into a nice place like theirs if it suits your needs–just make sure not too expensive, though, because these folks have more money than most can ever imagine.

The residents of this neighborhood are members who stand out due to their education levels. A full 71.3% have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, which is higher than 95.6% of all neighborhoods nationwide. In addition, these educated people love reading books and learning new things about the world around them – something you’ll find few places where everyone has access.

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