Fm Road 2338 / Four T Ranch Rd

The area of Fm Road 2338 / Four T Ranch Rd is a suburban neighborhood in Georgetown, TX area, with families who are looking for good schools nearby.

The neighborhood of Fm Road 2338 / Four T Ranch Rd is more expensive than some parts of Texas and America. The median price for homes here ($499,469) is higher than 91.5% of the neighborhoods in Texas and 78.0% nationwide. This price has surprised many people who thought this area wasn’t so pricey.

With the average rental price in this neighborhood at $3,064, there’s no surprise it is higher than 97.5% of those across Texas.

This is a wonderful place to live. The Fm Road 2338 / Four T Ranch Rd neighborhood has some amazing small (studio) to medium-sized homes that are perfect for anyone looking at buying their first house or just upgrading from an apartment complex.

The Fm Road 2338 / Four T Ranch Rd neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for small, medium-sized, or even huge homes. The median homes price in this area is around 499k, depending on what type of property it is and how many bedrooms they have.

The vast majority of homes in this neighborhood are owner-occupied, with many newer constructions dating from 2000 or more recently. There is also an abundance of those built between 1970 – 1999 decade to consider, too.

The Fm Road 2338 / Four T Ranch Rd neighborhood is a place where children can thrive, free from the dangers of poverty. In America today, there are approximately 1 in 4 kids who live below the poverty line, and it’s not uncommon for them to go through life struggling financially as well due to lack of support from parents or other adults in their lives, which makes school attendance difficult if not impossible at times because you need both income sources but often one parent may have lost employment while another becomes disabled making family finances even more uncertain than usual.

This quiet, peaceful neighborhood is a great place for retirees who want to avoid the hustle and bustles of city life. The homes in this area have above average safety from crime compared with other neighborhoods across Texas while also providing an array of housing options that will suit any budget or need.

The folks of Four T Ranch Road are known to have a higher percentage of marriage than other neighborhoods in America. 72% percent or more households here have been polled as being married, which may be an indicator that they know how important it is for relationships with all types of individuals – not just ones related by blood.

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