Forest Creek Golf Club

Forest Creek Golf Club has been awarded the KemperSports’ Facility of the Year for 2020. From receiving a 91 Net Promoter Score, Forest Crate exceeds financial goals and truly embodies what it means to be an excellent property managed by KemperSports. The City of Round Rock, Texas area is in for a treat with this premier golf club. The 18-hole championship course has been around since the 60s, and it’s known to be challenging yet scenic, which makes for an incredible experience.

The most famous course in this area, Forest Creek Golf Club, has been around for over 40 years and is a must-play if you’re visiting the area. The rolling green fairways are lined with trees on either side, while 60 yards from each hole lies an impeccable pitching center complete with a practice bunker so players can work up some killer shots before they take it into tournament mode.

The Players Grill is a great place to enjoy some of the best grill food in town, with all sorts available for your enjoyment. If you and your friends visit Forest Creek Golf Club and are looking for something more intimate or would instead not share, the Forest Room will suit both needs perfectly. It provides an unparalleled view from every seat and allows guests plenty of room together without feeling cramped – perfect after playing 18 holes on the course too long without stopping during playtime.

Forest Creek is a place where players can improve their game any time of day, and the new Forest Creeks renovations make it even better. The post-renovation golf course has been designed with Bower Bunker technology to produce less noise for those who play near home or on vacation; they will surely be able to putt your fears away when you see how beautiful these greens are.

The gold club made some changes to better everyone’s golfing experience. The ladies and senior tees have been included, so it should become much easier for every player in our community. There’s also going to be new grass installed on both perimeter holes with buffalo native plants being used as well– these give off an aesthetic effect I know you’ll love. Tree-covered areas have had their roughs removed or replaced by collections spots which allow more space between trees but still provide shade when needed most during hot summer days.

The new practice facility has an expanded driving range with netting and lighting to make it safer. The teeing ground was also graded so that all of its greens are at one uniform level, making them lit well-defined targets you can hit during your next game.

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