Great Hills

Great Hills is a great suburban neighborhood to call home if you’re looking for something close together with plenty of green space and amenities.

The Great Hills neighborhood in Austin, TX, is more expensive than most places across America. With a median price of $813,794, which is more costly than 97.7% of the neighborhoods across Texas and 91.6% nationwide.

 This real estate price here is far beyond the reach for many people who live there, but if you’re looking to buy, then this could be an option worth considering. Besides, this area has grown to become one where many people would prefer to live due to its high-quality amenities.

The cost of renting a home in Great Hills is higher than in most other neighborhoods. The average rent here comes out to $3,481 per month, making it more expensive than other places (98.8%) across Texas, where you can find property for less money spent.

The Great Hills neighborhood is an excellent community to live in if you’re looking for single-family homes and mobile units. The majority of the real estate here falls into two categories: medium-sized properties with three or four bedrooms, which can be found on smaller streets, or large ones that include five-plus rooms.

The neighborhood of Great Hills is one that has been established for decades. Many residences here are owner-occupied and built between 1970-1999, with some newer construction dating 2000 or later; there’s also a significant amount in between those dates as well.

The community of Great Hills may be one of the most ideal places to live if you’re married with children. Not only does this area have a higher concentration than nearly all other U.S neighborhoods (99.6%), but also an overwhelming majority are couples who’ve been blessings in their own lives and want others around them to share that joy too.

This is a great neighborhood for families in Austin, Texas. It has more family-friendly qualities than 98% of the areas across our beautiful state. The district’s top public schools and low crime rates make it an excellent place to raise children, while single-owner dwelling homes give this area that “family feels” you’re looking for.

The Great Hills neighborhood is home to an elite group of professionals who live in this high-end area. With 76% executives, managers, and professional workers making up such a large portion, it’s no surprise that there are so many unique features about the place.

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