Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr

Hilliard Rd. / Morningwood Dr., a suburban neighborhood in San Marcos, Texas (based on population density), is home to many people who live simple lives away from the hustle bustles of city life.

The Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr neighborhood is among the sought-after communities in the San Marcos area. The median price of homes there sits at $365,008, which makes it more expensive than 69% percent of neighborhoods across Texas as well as 55% nationwide.

In the Hilliard Rd/ Morningwood Dr neighborhood, you can find a beautiful house to rent for $1,804. This price is higher than 72% of neighborhoods in Texas.

The Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for small, medium, or even large apartment complexes. There’s something that fits everyone. This beautiful community has seen an increase in popularity over recent years, with more people moving into this section of town due to either personal preference or because it offers easy access to downtown, which leads them to work while still being close enough if not within walking distance from others around here too.

The Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr neighborhood is a diverse and lively place to live. Many homes in this community were built between 1970-1999, with some dating back even further than that. There’s also plenty of new construction going on for those looking at buying or renting; many properties were constructed after 2000 as well, so you can find something perfect no matter what phase your life might be coming up against–whether it’ll just become permanent residence sooner rather than later.

Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr has a greater concentration of residents (37.7%) currently enrolled in school than 98.8% of neighborhoods across America. That says it right there: This area is dedicated to higher learning and research, which makes these hills home sweet home for many aspiring intellectual minds.

When you think of the most economically vibrant neighborhoods in your area, it’s likely that Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr comes up. With a higher percentage of sales and service workers than 96% of American communities nationwide – this neighborhood has got something going on.

Walking to work is the most popular way of getting around in Hilliard Rd / Morningwood Dr. There are 12.5% more people who choose this method than any other neighborhood throughout America, and it’s no wonder why so many love their daily strolls.

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