Hot Mop Roofing Austin TX: Residential, Commercial, Installation, Replacement, Repair, Etc.

Hot mop roofing can be dangerous and messy, and it’s best to get it installed by our professional team. Make sure that your hot mop roof is made of built-up asphalt. If you need this service for your residential or commercial property, call us today for your free estimate.

Residential Hot Mop Roofing Austin

hot mop roofing austin

Hot mop roofing is a popular choice for new homes. It is a durable and cost-effective alternative to tile roofs. Installers typically apply several layers of hot asphalt to the roof surface. It is more labor-intensive and expensive than other methods of roofing, and can be dangerous if done improperly. In addition, hot areas can quickly degrade the asphalt.

The basic process of hot mopping a roof involves embedding 90-lb felt or a modified bitumen cap sheet into hot asphalt. This material is then back-nailed to the roof surface and covered by the next ply. For flat roofs, hot mopping a modified bitumen cap sheet or mineral surfaced cap sheet is also doable. In some cases, a torch is used to apply modified bitumen.

Commercial Hot Mop Roofing Austin

One of the biggest advantages of hot mop roofing is its low maintenance. A hot mop roof may require repairs around 20 years from the date of installation, but maintenance is minimal. In addition, the installation time of a hot mop roof is very quick, ranging from two to four days, depending on the size of the roof and the number of installers.

Hot mopping begins by embedding 90-lb felt or a commercial-grade modified bitumen cap sheet in hot asphalt. The material is then back-nailed to the roof, and the next ply is covered. Commercial-grade modified bitumen or mineral-surfaced cap sheet is used on flat roofs. Hot mopping also involves the torch application of the material, and the duration varies depending on the size and pitch of the roof. Because hot mopping fumes can be toxic, occupants should leave the building while the process is in progress.

Hot Mop Roof Installation Austin

Hot mop roofing uses an underlayment made of modified bitumen, asphalt, or a modified bitumen cap sheet. This is a type of roofing material that is both water and wind-resistant. The hot asphalt is spread over the underlayment with a specialized hot mop. Afterwards, a layer of felt or synthetic underlayment is installed over the hot mop, providing a double layer of wind and water resistance. After the underlayment is laid, the hot mop is nailed to the roof and an extra layer of protection.

The hot mop method requires several layers of asphalt, and is more costly and labor intensive than other methods of roof installation. Additionally, the process can be hazardous and can be dangerous. Many roofers find hot mop roof installation to be more expensive and labor intensive, and opt for the safer peel-and-stick underlayment. In addition, this type of underlayment is easier to remove and install. But remember that hot areas degrade asphalt more quickly.

Hot Mop Roof Replacement Austin

If your home has a hot mop roof, you may want to consider hiring our professionals to install the system for you. Unlike other roofing systems, hot mop roofs are waterproof and seamless. They are installed with several layers of hot liquid, which will self-seal any cracks. This roof system is known to last up to fifteen years, so most roof suppliers offer a long warranty on their work. Hot mop roofs are easy to install, but the process can be messy. If you have any doubts, call our roofing professionals immediately.

After installing, we will add flashing around any penetrations, fittings, and edges. We will then apply a layer of rosin paper or other waterproof building material over the entire roof. Next, the hot mop will be applied over the existing roof surface. The application of the hot mop roofing system can save you some money!

Hot Mop Roof Repair Austin

Hot mop roofing is one of the most effective flat roofing methods available. This system involves applying hot liquid in layers over the existing roof deck, and the roof is then sealed with a protective felt or modified bitumen cap sheet. This double layer of wind resistant and watertight underlayment protects the entire roof from rain, wind, and snow. Hot mop roof repairs can be relatively fast, but should only be attempted by experienced professionals.

After the installation is complete, our hot mop roof repair professionals will add flashing around the exposed edges of the roof, such as around any penetrations. The existing roof surface will be cleaned and covered with rosin paper or another waterproof building material, and then hot liquid asphalt is applied. The hot liquid asphalt is heated to about 400 degrees before being applied with a hot mop. Our hot mop roof repair services use specialized equipment and follow building codes.

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