Hugo Rd / Fm 12

The Hugo Rd / Fm 12 is a busy suburban community in San Marcos, Texas. It’s located near the heart of town and has some great stores on it.

The Hugo Rd / Fm 12 neighborhood is more expensive than 76.0% of the neighborhoods in Texas and 59% nationwide. This is significantly above average when compared to other U.S cities: The median price for a home there sits at $323,059 – which represents an amount that would make some buyers happy.

The Hugo Rd / Fm 12 neighborhood is an expensive place to live. The average rental price here currently stands at $1,728 – which makes it higher than 68% of all other neighborhoods in Texas.

The area of The Hugo Rd / Fm 12 is home to a variety of homes, from small one-bedroom apartment buildings all the way up through four-bedroom houses. This location really offers something for everyone. You can find anything on this stretch, whether you’re looking for an apartment or just want some space that won’t feel too big and lonely when it’s all yours.

The Hugo Rd/Fm 12 community is a vibrant part of the city. Many residents here are homeowners, but there are also plenty who rent their homes each month – especially if you’re looking for something that fits within this area’s price range. There are plenty of small, single-family homes that were built between 1970 and 1999, as well as more recent buildings on newer lots built between 2000 and the present.

In the Hugo Road / FM 12 neighborhood, there are 3.8% vacancies which are lower than 81 .5 percent of all neighborhoods in America. This means that property values here remain high due to an ample supply versus tight demand for homes.

The Hugo Rd / Fm 12 neighborhood is an extraordinary place to live, with 13.7% of the population currently enrolled in college. This large part affects how this area changes throughout semesters and makes it far quieter during summer when many students are away from their studies for a while.

The college-friendly environment of the Hugo Rd / Fm 12 neighborhood stands out within Texas. This area is home to many students; it’s relatively walkable and above average in safety; this combination makes for a good place that any young adult would enjoy living during their years at school or just starting out postgraduation! The proximity may also mean there are certain amenities nearby geared towards residents who have recently graduated from university – so if you’re looking into moving to a college-friendly community, then look no further than this community.

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