Inner Space Caverns

Imagine exploring an unknown world beneath the ground. The Inner Space Caverns are one of Texas’ largest cavern systems, with passages and caves ranging from 69 feet to 2 miles. Walk in the caves with a guide and be amazed by this natural wonder. The walk will take you past several large pillars, some of which are lit up to enhance their beauty. You can also see stalactites hanging from above or flowstone chimneys created when water dripped onto rocks thousands upon millennia ago.

With a trained and knowledgeable guide, you’ll get interesting insights into the natural beauty of this area. You can choose from three different difficulty levels for tours that are available on-site without reservations. Remember to wear good comfortable shoes, though, because there’s no paved pathway through our preserve areas which means footing may be uneven terrain in some spots.

When the Texas Highway Department’s core drilling team found Inner Space Cavern in 1963, it had been hidden from public view for over 10 thousand years. Since then, the natural attraction has seen hundreds of thousands who come to see this beautiful cave thanks to well-preserved conditions that are still present after all these years.

When the highway department’s core drilling team discovered Inner Space Cavern in 1963, they were unsure if it would be stable enough for an overpass. However, six-inch samples from here showed that this location has problems with its foundation. The drilling crew suddenly faced an unexpected obstacle when the bit dropped 26ft. below ground level, and they knew that something wasn’t right down there besides rock.

When the Texas Speleological Society heard the news of this fantastic discovery, they quickly secured permission and entered into a dark reaches cave with only one goal: exploration. On November 9, 1963, the first group of spelunkers entered the cave. They came on wooden tripods, lowered down into narrow shafts by ropes tied to their cars outside.

For the next several days, 7K feet of the cave had been surveyed. The passages varied from very tight crawls to large cathedral-type rooms and halls, except for a few tunnels that were easy going – aside from sticky mud in all parts of it.

From the first visitors to Inner Space, it has been a popular destination for millions of people. This beautiful cave can still be seen in all its glory, with hundreds of thousands having gone through it since 1966.

The Inner Space caverns are located in the heart of Texas at 4200 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Georgetown, TX area, where it feels like summer all year long. The cave has beautiful formations and large rooms with prehistoric animal bones discovered. It remains a constant 72 degrees (but seems more Like 80 due to humidity) without ever flooding during rains or having any other problems you would expect from nature herself. 

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