Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd

Lime Kiln Rd and Hilliard Rd is a rural neighborhood located in San Marcos, Texas. This community is a popular residential neighborhood for those who want to live in close proximity with nature without sacrificing their daily needs, such as shopping or entertainment venues nearby.

The Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd neighborhood median real estate price is $259,572, which is more expensive than 67% of the neighborhoods in Texas and 49% nationwide. This may seem like a lot – but it’s not necessarily too much. At this rate, there will always be something new to check out when moving into a different place or buying again.

The rental price in the Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd neighborhood is currently $1,251. This makes it lower than 65% of Texas neighborhoods.

The cute town of San Marcos is home to some pretty amazing places. Some of these special spots include The Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd neighborhood, where real estate primarily consists of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) to small single-family homes and mobile homes.

There are many established but not old homes in the Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Road neighborhood. The majority of residential real estate here is owner-occupied. Many of the homes in the Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd community were established between 1970 and 1999, but some newer ones have popped up recently too.

This neighborhood has a high rate of bicycle commuting. 7% use their bikes to get from home to work every day, which is more than found in almost any other area throughout America.

There is a high concentration of college students in the Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd neighborhood. 29% are currently enrolled, which creates an atmosphere that changes with each semester and summer break from school themselves.

Despite the large percentage of students in this neighborhood, there are still many who remain residents. The quiet during the summer months gives them time to pursue their education and enjoy life on Lime Kiln Road/Hilliard Rd with its quaint shops like yoga pants for every occasion or fresh produce at the nearby stores.

The economic impact of sales and service employees is immense. In neighborhoods like the Lime Kiln Rd / Hilliard Rd area, these workers put in long hours at their businesses which help keep others afloat too. This means that this particular section has a higher percentage of sales and service workers than 95% of local communities across America.

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