N Old Bastrop Hwy / Old Martindale Rd

When you visit N Old Bastrop Hwy / Martindale Rd in San Marcos, TX area, it’s hard not to notice the large number of people living there. This suburban neighborhood (based on population density) has one of its own kind- suburbia.

The N Old Bastrop Hwy / Orel Martindale Rd neighborhood median real estate price is $180,358, which makes it more expensive than 47.1% of the neighborhoods in Texas and 31 .8% nationwide.

The N Old Bastrop Hwy / Old Martindale Rd neighborhood is currently $1,694. That’s higher than 66% of neighborhoods across Texas.

The Old Bastrop Hwy / Martindale Rd neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for that classic small-town feel with many amenities. The area features single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments; many residents love how close they are not only to the downtown area but also to several hospitals, schools as well other major employers.

Most of the homes in this neighborhood are renters. Many people live here because they like its location and mobility, which allows them to go wherever work takes place or family is located without having too much trouble with traffic during rush hour; however, many residents also own their property.

This is a lovely neighborhood with many established homes. The houses date mainly from 1970-1999, but some dating back to 1940 or earlier also exist in the area.

The economic value of a neighborhood is often measured by the percentage who work in sales and service. In this N Old Bastrop Hwy / Old Martindale Rd neighborhood, they truly stand out as being among those who will help keep your business thriving with their hard work. This community has a higher percentage concentration in these professions—a higher percentage than 98.3% across all American neighborhoods.

The N Old Bastrop Hwy / Martindale Rd neighborhood is a fantastic option for those who want to ride their bikes and not worry about traffic or parking worries. 4% of people here bike commute every day, which means there’s never too much hassle when you need an escape from your 9-5 job.

This is a low-income neighborhood in San Marcos. The people who live here earn less than 80% of Americans, which means they have lower incomes and are more economically challenged compared to most other places across our great country.

The best way to communicate with people in the N Old Bastrop Hwy / Old Martindale Rd neighborhood is through English, as it’s spoken by 59% of households in this community. Some also speak Spanish, which accounts for 38%.

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