Old Settlers Park

Situated at 3300 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, Old Settlers Park in Round Rock is a great place to be if you’re looking for some outdoor fun. The park has everything from cricket and disc golf, fishing spots with plenty of fishin’ tips available on-site or by rental, football fields where fans can watch their favorite team play while enjoying food at one of the many vendor setups—including beer waffles. There’s also space filled with activities like soccer tournaments that happen throughout the year and festivals open invite-only affairs but making sure everyone gets uplift during these times togetherness through music under unity within ourselves.

If you are visiting Round Rock and are looking for a great place to take the kids, look no further than Old Settlers Park. The seven areas of playgrounds are sure not only to entertain them but also to teach important life lessons. It doesn’t stop there; this sports capital also hosts tournaments in several different sports and brings teams from all over just so they can enjoy what our city has available to offer—including food at some local restaurants.

Old Settlers Park is the perfect place to enjoy a day with family and friends. With 645 acres of space, you’ll be able to plenty of opportunities for baseball or football games and other recreational pursuits like soccer (or fútbol), softball, etc., all while kicking back at one of our two pavilions after an exciting game on those beautiful fields. There are also playgrounds near where kids can play safely without being too close to traffic, so they don’t get injured when playing outside; there are horseshoes somewhere around if anyone wants some fun competition.

The many playground areas in Old Settlers Park are perfect for all ages. The park also hosts tournaments, bringing teams and spectators from around to enjoy what Round Rock offers. Old Settlers Park in Round Rock is a great place for any athlete, from the cricketer to the football player. There are plenty of areas available where you can play your favorite sport and enjoy an outdoor party with friends or family. The Old Settlers Park is a vast and lushly landscaped space that provides ample opportunity for all sorts of outdoor fun. There are two pavilions where you can play games like baseball, soccer, or football; if it’s just too hot outside, head over to one of the playgrounds located around this wonderful green space. Come evening time, make sure not to miss out on their amazing fireworks show (nighttime starts at 8 pm) while you enjoy some well-deserved quality time with your friends and family. 

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