Play for All Park

To make Play for All Park a place where all children can enjoy playing, the city of Round Rock, TX area built eight “pods” with varying abilities and needs. The 51k square feet includes space designed explicitly by child’s ability level, so they can try new things without being challenged too much or having their progress hindered.

Situated at 151 North A.W. Grimes Blvd., Round Rock, TX 78665, Play for All Park opened in 2008 and is still going strong after 14 years; this play area serves more than 7k local children with disabilities. The annual donors of this park have been a great help to maintain its maintenance and expansion pods and provide them access that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to without these remarkable improvements made by generous people like you who care about our future generation’s inaccessible world.

The Play for All Abilities Park will be a place where children can play and develop new skills without restrictions. The 7,945 estimated kids with disabilities living in Williamson County deserve an opportunity to enjoy the same fun activities as their classmates do. This large gated park offers a variety of play opportunities designed to stimulate and encourage the development of several skill sets such as gross motor skills, social interaction with others in both structured activities or free time; sense discovery through exploration into nature which includes strengthening exercises for body parts not often used.

The park has a variety of pods to meet every child’s needs and interests, including a Retreat Pod – A safe space where children can take pauses from their busy lives. There is also a Sensory Pod-A place designed with all five senses in mind; it features games that stimulate sight, sound, and smell. Another one called Rock Band lets you play music together while building relationships through movement on this swingset filled with big rocks or rolling hills depending on what’s most important to the children.

The newly renovated park now features an all-new Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships Speedway, the Nolan Ryan Foundation Train Pod, and Adventure Hill. There is also a Seton/Ascension Tree House nature play area for children with disabilities and a zip line to enjoy.

The Play for All Abilities Park is more than just a fun place to go during the summer. The Village Pod Section of this park has been expanded to include new restaurants and shops. A Baker Realty Building is now open for business, and an all-new drive through Chick Fil A restaurant. There’s also Missy’s Car Wash, where you can get your vehicle washed while enjoying some delicious food from the Hester Automotive Bike Parking area, which will help keep it clean if it ever gets dirty on vacation.

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