The Redwood neighborhood in San Marcos, TX, is one of the most spacious and greenest suburban communities within this bustling metropolis. This picturesque city offers residents an easy commute into downtown as well as all that it has to offer – shopping centers and hospitals.

The median home price in the Redwood neighborhood is $178,203, which makes it more expensive than 45.7% of neighborhoods across Texas and 31% nationwide.

The beautiful, warm Redwood neighborhood is a perfect place to call home. With an average rental price of $1,1957 and rents that are lower than 56% percent of Texas neighborhoods, this area really does offer something special.

The Redwood neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for an affordable home with plenty of space. The homes here range from mobile homes all the way up to large single-family properties, so there’s sure be something that fits your needs.

With a majority of residential real estate in this neighborhood being owner-occupied, many residents have been here for less than 10 years. The homes are established but not old, with buildings dating from between 1970 – 1999 and some that were built as recently as 2000 or beyond.

The Redwood neighborhood, in relation to all other neighborhoods, has a lower rate of vacancies(3.6%). This means that there are not many available homes for buyers, which makes it hard on them when they want something specific or have family members who need their own place but can’t find one within a reasonable distance from where everyone lives currently. The high demand among residents in this area, combined with an insufficient number, makes finding property very challenging.

If you’re looking for a place where more people live in mobile homes, this might be the neighborhood. With 51% of occupied real estate made up by these structures compared to other neighborhoods’ averages, there’s plenty here that will catch your eye. In fact, this neighborhood has a higher number of mobiles homes than 99.3% of the neighborhoods nationwide.

The diversity in this neighborhood is unparalleled. More people live here today than existed five years ago, and they’ve been through the ups-and-downs that come with living together as friends for so long. The close-knit community feels like one big family; nobody moves away easily because everyone knows their place–whether it’s at home or working on a project nearby.

The people who live in the Redwood neighborhood of San Marcos are lower-middle class, making it a below-average income area. This means that there is less wealth and resources available to them than 62 percent of U.S. neighborhoods across America enjoy.

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Driving Directions from Harmons Way to Redwood

  1. Head southeast on Harmons Way toward Hunter Rd for 492 ft.
  2. Turn left onto Hunter Rd and continue for 1.2 mi.
  3. Turn right onto Center Point Rd and continue for 3.3 mi.
  4. Turn left onto Beback Inn Rd and continue for 1.4 mi.
  5. Continue onto FM1978 E for 2.3 mi.
  6. After that, you’ll have arrived Redwood.
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