Rockcliff Estates

Rockcliff Estates is the perfect place to live if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing suburb in Austin, TX. It has all of the amenities that one could need with easy access both on and off ramps making it quick commute time as well.

The Rockcliff Estates neighborhood is one of the most expensive in Austin, Texas, with a median real estate price that reaches up to $1,879,706. This makes it more costly than 99.8% of the neighborhoods across Texas and 99.2% nationwide- but you get what you pay for since this area has some truly incredible properties to offer, including large lots and privacy fences all-around your own personal oasis.

The average rental price in the Rockcliff Estates community neighborhood is currently $3,197 per month. This cost includes rent and utilities, which are higher than 98% of neighborhoods across Texas.

The Rockcliff Estates neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes with lots of space. There are also apartment complexes/high-rise apartments that can accommodate those who need more room than what this area offers but don’t want the hassle of finding another location close by.

Housing in the Rockcliff Estates neighborhood is a mixture of old and new. Many homes date back to between 1970 – 1999, while others were built between 2000-now – but it’s not just these recent construction projects that have made this area so popular; there are also several established properties here as well.

A commute can be exhausting when you think about it. Not only are there always people trying to get past one another in traffic, but the environment often leaves much room for improvement- especially when we’re talking about our health. Fortunately, there is an area where nearly 24%of residents work from home instead of avoiding this hassle altogether by remaining within Rockcliff Estates neighborhood borders.

The people living in the Rockcliff Estates neighborhood are some of the most educated you’ll find anywhere. 80% have at least a 4-year bachelor’s degree, which is significantly higher than average for an American city or state (32%). This fascinating fact about the Rockcliff Estates area adds another unique spin on what makes it such an interesting place to explore since the rate of college-educated adults is higher than in 98.5% of all American neighborhoods.

This is the perfect place for executives who want to live comfortably with others like them. The majority of adults in this neighborhood are wealthy and well-educated, so you’ll have no problem keeping up your status symbol. And since real estate appreciation rates here tend to be high compared to other neighborhoods around town – it’s easy enough just keep buying properties when they go on sale or wait until one hits its peak value before investing more money into owning something different than another house.

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