Round Rock Express

Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and see some historic baseball games in Round Rock, Texas. The Express has been playing since 1997 under owners who are both hall-of Famers: Nolan Ryan (a legend) and his son Reid. There’s no better place to get your baseball fix than The Express. It is easy for fans of all ages (or not so much) to find themselves emotionally invested in this team for six division titles and an exciting game every time. From ticket options that work best with what you can afford as well special seating areas where friends will always have fun together; trips down memory lane by visiting old stadiums like home-field advantage does wonder on bringing back great moments from long ago- these are just a few reasons why going see them play couldn’t hurt anyone.

The Express was established in 2000 as a Double-A team of the Texas League. They won their first championship that year and have continued to play ever since with several more successes under its belt – including being replaced by another major league affiliate at some point before 2005 when they shifted over into Triple-A Pacific Coast League status, which had been previously held by an earlier version of predecessor franchise from what we know today.

The ownership group led by Nolan Ryan and Don Sanders began its operations in 2000 with the opening of Dell Diamond, moving their Double-A Texas League affiliate to a new park that would soon be known as Round Rock. The Astros were then affiliated with this city; they set records for attendance at such level before installing Triple-A baseball team here too. The 2006 season saw the Round Rock Express take both league titles in their respective divisions with an 85–59 win-loss record. They defeated Nashville Sounds 5 games to 1 and then went on as winners of straight-up American Conference, advancing them into PCL Championship Series but losing three out of four matches against Tucson Sidewinders, who were also champions that year.

When Express became an independent team in 2011, they were still getting used to being on their own. It has been hard for them, and it’s clear that this change had some negative effects in terms of attendance (8% less than before). But there have also been positive developments; since changing affiliations six years ago, we’ve seen 9 out of 10 season ticket sales happen while associated with Texas, which means most people who buy tickets do so because these games are played close by. 

Old Settlers Park
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