Round Rock West / Cimarron

The area of Round Rock West / Cimarron in Round Rock, TX, is a great place for those who like their homes to be close in. This suburban neighborhood features mostly single-family houses, making it feel more suburban than other areas in town based on its population density.

The median price of a home in the Round Rock West / Cimarron neighborhood is $465,753, which makes it more expensive than 89.9% of neighborhoods across Texas and 75.6% within the entire country.

With an average rental price of $2,564 in the Round Rock West/Cimarron neighborhood it is higher than 92.6% percent of other neighborhoods across Texas.

The West and Cimarron neighborhoods in Round Rock are made up primarily of medium-sized to large single-family homes. There are also some smaller apartments available for those who prefer not living on their own or don’t have any children with them; this area will suit your needs well if it fits your preference.

The Round Rock West / Cimarron neighborhood is a thriving area where the majority of homes are owner-occupied. Most of the beautiful homes in this part of Round Rock were built between 1970 and 1999, with some dating back to 2000 or recently.

Home to the city’s elite, this neighborhood is a home sweet home for executives and other high-achieving individuals. As you can imagine, with such sharp neighbors, there are many amenities available, like private schools that will help your child grow up learning about what it takes to be an adult today.

If living comfortably in one place isn’t enough reason alone why these streets should hold sway over any others – consider how much real estate keeps rising year after year on properties located here? In addition, major employers keep things going strong throughout this region.

In the Round Rock West / Cimarron neighborhood, there is a higher proportion of people who work from home than in 97.6 percent of neighborhoods throughout America. This may not seem like much, but it’s an interesting fact considering how many residents avoid commuting altogether by utilizing their own space as either office or studio workspace- whatever works best for you depends on your needs.

The great thing about living in the Round Rock West / Cimmaron neighborhood is that there are plenty of detached single-family homes for you to choose from. With 96% being made up of this type of architectural style, it has one of the highest rates than found in 95.2% of all American neighborhoods.

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