Route 29 / Mckenzie Ln

The area of Route 29/Mckenzie Ln is a suburban neighborhood situated in the city of Georgetown, Texas. This neighborhood is home to many people who love suburban life.

When it comes to the median house price in America, this neighborhood is right up there with some of them. The Route 29 / Mckenzie Ln area has a $500,398 medium house value which makes it more expensive than 89% percent of neighborhoods across Texas and 76% nationwide.

You’ll be happy in this neighborhood when it comes to the cost of renting a home. With the average rental price in this neighborhood currently at $1,426 dollars per month, it’s lower than 50% of Texas neighborhoods.

This beautiful Route 29 / Mckenzie Ln neighborhood is a perfect place for those who are looking to have their own homes with plenty of space. There really isn’t any type or size that doesn’t fit in this area, from small one-bedroom apartments all the way up through large five+ bedrooms. There’s something for everyone in this diverse neighborhood. You will find everything from large homes with multiple bedrooms to small apartments perfect if you’re looking into starting your own family or just want more space than what typical renting allows.

The Route 29/Mckenzie Ln neighborhood is a great place to live with so many different types of homes. There’s everything from newer construction, like the ones in this area that were built between 2000 and the current day; there are also some 1970s era constructions present in this area as well.

This is a neighborhood where children can grow up without worrying about whether or not they’re going to have enough food on the table every day. In fact, this area has some of the lowest rates for child poverty in all of America.

The Route 29/Mckenzie Ln neighborhood is a perfect place for executives who want to live in proximity with other high-powered professionals. The area’s location on one of the most expensive roads around provides added incentive; not only are homes luxurious, but they also appreciate at rates higher than average, thanks largely due to an influx of wealthy individuals looking down upon this city from its hilltops.

The Route 29/Mckenzie Ln neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and quiet. With 14% of residents working from home, there are plenty of opportunities not only to avoid traffic but also save money on your commute.

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