S I H / Center Point Rd

This cozy San Marcos neighborhood is one of the most balanced places in all of Texas. S I H / Center Point Rd, based on population density, has a suburban feel but also offers great transportation connections for residents to get wherever they need with ease.

The median price for homes in this community is $187,399, which makes it more expensive than 47% of neighborhoods across Texas and 32 percent nationwide.

The S I H / Center Point Rd neighborhood is an expensive area to rent in. On average, rental properties are priced at $1,850 dollars per month which makes it higher than 74% of all other neighborhoods across Texas.

The area of S I H / Center Point Rd is a neighborhood where you will find small to medium-sized apartment complexes and single-family homes. There are also some high-rise apartments in this area as well, but they’re not the majority by any means.

The S I H / Center Point Rd neighborhood is made up primarily of small to medium-sized apartments and single-family homes. This area has seen an increase in recent years, as more people move into this type of real estate due to the amenities it offers, namely being located near several major roads where there’s always something going on.

The residential real estate in this area is mostly occupied by owners and renters. The homes here were built between 1970-1999, with many being newer than 2000; some even less than five years ago.

This San Marcos neighborhood is a below-average income area. The residents here earn less than 76% as much money compared to other neighborhoods in America, which means they likely need public assistance programs.

The S I H / Center Point Rd neighborhood in this area has a large number of manufacturing and laborer jobs (32.7%). The second most important occupational group is sales-related positions, such as those held by major account representatives or working for fast food restaurants where around thirty percent (32.5%) residents are employed within these industries alone! Other popular careers found here include executive-level management duties (21.5%) along with professional/technical support staff gigs that make up 13.3 percent.

In the S I H / Center Point Rd neighborhood, most residents speak English, with 62.8% of households reporting that they only communicate in this language; Spanish comes second at 33%.

The S I H / Center Point Rd neighborhood in San Marcos, TX, is a diverse area with many different cultures and ethnicities represented. The most prevalent ancestry identified by residents of this city block represents Mexican heritage (55%), but there are also people from Germany at 5%, Irish roots (5.4%), Puerto Rican ancestry residents (2.5%), along with English 4%. Additionally, 11% were born outside the United States. 

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