S Old Bastrop Hwy / Route 123

This quaint San Marcos neighborhood is known for its small-town feel and proximity to the downtown area. Based on population density S Old Bastrop Hwy / Route 123 can be considered a suburban neighborhood where you’ll find spacious homes with large lots that are perfect if your family members enjoy being outside almost as much time spent indoors.

The median price of homes in this neighborhood is $203,964, which is more expensive than 53% of neighborhoods in Texas and 37% nationwide. This could be because it’s located close to downtown San Marcos; however, there are many factors that contribute, such as schools and transportation options.

When you’re looking for a new home, it’s important that the area has what your family needs. The average rental price in the S Old Bastrop Hwy / Route 123 neighborhood currently costs renters $2,105 per month. This rental cost is higher than 85% of all neighborhoods across Texas.

This is a neighborhood of single-family homes and apartment complexes. The real estate in this area tends to be medium-sized (three or four bedroom), with some smaller ones that can accommodate two people comfortably enough if they’re not too big on space requirements.

With a large majority of residential real estate being renter-occupied, there is an abundance in the S Old Bastrop Hwy / Route 123 neighborhood. Many residents can be seen walking around with their dog or riding bikes as they go on vacation for work purposes since this area doesn’t have much traffic going through it every day as some other parts may do. It also has plenty who’ve been living here long enough that old homes from before 2000 exist alongside newer ones built more recently, each having its own unique charm depending upon what style you’re looking at.

This is very much a college-focused neighborhood. With 19% of the population here attending school, you’ll find that most people in S Old Bastrop Hwy / Route 123 have at least some level of knowledge on how to read and write English well enough for their needs. In fact, when it comes to education, this neighborhood has a higher concentration of college-enrolled residents than 97.5% of other neighborhoods in America.

The neighbors in this beautiful San Marcos neighborhood are lower-middle income level people. This means they make less money than most other places around here – income lower than 62.6% of American neighborhoods. 

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