San Gabriel Park

This serene oasis in the middle of Georgetown, Texas area is well worth a visit. The park offers many facilities – playgrounds, nature trails, and biking paths, to name just some. There are also large groves for picnics under centuries-old trees that make this an excellent family bonding time together or alone.

You can enjoy fishing or swimming in the river at this park, but if you want to play disc golf, there’s even a nine-hole course. This spot has been called the best-kept secret for those who love nature and sports.

Located at 445 E. Morrow St., Georgetown, The first state park in Texas to be awarded the designation of Lone Star Legacy Park, San Gabriel is one for all occasions. It’s easy on your pocket and has plenty going offer from nature trails or public fishing spots, depending on what you’re looking forward to.

The meandering north and south forks of the San Gabriel River meet in a picturesque spot near Austin Avenue. This beautiful park is one way to reconnect with nature while also enjoying some fresh air. In March 2012, San Gabriel Park was designated a Lone Star Legacy Park by the Texas Recreation & Parks Society. This is one of only nine parks all over Texas to achieve this distinction during its inaugural year.

These parks are important historical landmarks that offer natural respite and social interaction as developed communities. These same spaces would have been integral to these states’ early economies because they provided an escape from bustling cities for those who wanted more seclusion or liked being outside.

If you live in Georgetown, Texas and need a break from the hustle and bustles of city life, head to San Gabriel Park, where 200-year old oak trees provide shady spots for family picnics. The 180-acre park also offers space where concerts or festivals can be held and fields suitable for soccer, football, Lacrosse, Baseball, etc.

This hiking and biking trail goes through the park. It’s perfect for those who want an easy trek or more challenging adventure, as it has segments that connect with other parks, including Blue Hole Park (1 mile), Rivery place(3 miles) Chautauqua land – where you can find lakeside activities like boating/fishing Tours available around these parts too.

Whether you want to ball or hang out, this park has it all. There are sand volleyball courts and a skate park where kids can learn to do their tricks on two wheels. Plus, there are picnic tables for dining when the weather permits. 

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