San Jose Park

When you’re looking for a great place to have an outdoor picnic, the San Jose Park Pavilion is your go-to spot. With 3 – 8ft.-long picnic tables and grill with access to playgrounds and basketball slabs, this park has it all. You can also enjoy using their splash pad which will be open daily. The fees depend on how long of reservation/rental period lasts but rest assured knowing that there are always free days offered every week, so make sure not to miss out by booking now before they fill up again.

The 1,656 square-foot water play area is filled with 15 spray features that are sure to keep you cool on hot days. The Super Soaker archway is called a Shower Tunnel, where water comes out from below ground level and shoots across an L shape to be more dramatic. You can also find jets of popcorn-style lights at your feet or watch as colorful balls dance through these streams without getting wet themselves. Thanks again, those popcorns they’ve got going off right there too. Last but not least, there is everyone’s favorite post -which happens currently be set up, so just one short burst will send plenty more droplets flying everywhere.

This public park provides the perfect solution for kids looking to cool off on a hot summer day. The water play area features 1,656 square-foot (153 sq m) of splashy fun that will keep your little one entertained. This park is a great location, providing amenities such as picnic tables and shade trees while also highlighting its most famous feature: an extensive network built specifically around children’s needs–which includes everything from slides galore, all designed especially for little ones up through adult supervision levels.

Located at  1707 San Jose St, Georgetown area, this public park is a haven for play. The spray archway, shower tunnel, and pole spin to spout water provide visitors with tons of options in this ample space. Additionally, there are picnic spots available as well as sports amenities so everyone can enjoy themselves no matter what they’re into or how much time they’ve got on hand- whether it be just dropping off your child at toddler camp while you get some work done outside; spending hours playing on the swings (or trying out new ones) until sunset comes along.

The different types of fees for making reservations and the length of each reservation can vary depending on what kind you choose. There is a half-day fee between 8 am-2 pm or 3 pm -9 pm, which means it’s possible to book either end if your desired time isn’t available in one session with the park’s authorities. The park also offers full days at an affordable price, so residents such as yourself shouldn’t worry about not receiving some money back by renting through the park for your event. 

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