Sendero Springs

The suburban neighborhood of Sendero Springs is located in Round Rock, Texas. This location makes it one out of few neighborhoods with easy access to many popular spots such as shopping centers and hospitals.

The Sendero Springs neighborhood is certainly one to be considered if you are looking for a more upscale, high-end area in which to settle. The median price of a home in the Sendero Springs neighborhood is $624,679, which makes it more expensive than 95.5 percent of neighborhoods across Texas and 85.5% nationwide.

The Sendero Springs neighborhood is an ideal place to call home if you can afford its rental price. With an average rental price of $4,553, this neighborhood has a higher rental cost than in 99.8% of the neighborhoods across Texas. This area offers residents more than they could ever hope for in terms of cost-of-living and amenities.

The Sendero Springs neighborhood is a great place to call home with wide-open spaces, lush green landscapes, and plenty of space for your family. The real estate here consists mostly of large single-family homes or smaller apartments that can accommodate up to three people per bedroom, depending on what you’re looking for in terms of living situation.

The Sendero Springs neighborhood is a great place to live in because most of the homes are owner-occupied and newer. There are also some older properties that were built between 1970-1999, which make it an authentic historic district despite being more modern than other areas around town.

The people in this community are some of the wealthiest and most successful around. The real estate here has been well maintained, with values that tend not only to stay put but also grow over time as new investments make their mark on our skyline every day. You’ll see luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz driving cars by folks who know how good they have it – you can feel it when walking down any street into one of these neighborhoods because there’s no other place quite like Sendero Springs.

Sendero Springs is a magical place where the rich and famous come to escape from their hectic lives. If you’re an executive, this might be your perfect neighborhood. The majority of adults in Senderos are wealthy – they own stately homes with high appreciation rates that keep them comfortable but not overworked or stressed out (and if they have kids, there are private schools). It would seem like paradise until one learns how strict housing regulations can actually work against potential buyers: only certain types of professionals qualify as “executives.”

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