Serenada is a perfect place to call home if you’re looking for an idyllic suburban life with plenty of green space and neighborhood convenience.

The median price of a home in Serenada is $515,959, which makes it more expensive than 91.5 percent of the neighborhoods within Texas and 78% nationwide.

The Serenada neighborhood rental price is currently $3,453. This amount exceeds the average cost of rent in 98% percent of Texas neighborhoods.

Serenada is a beautiful neighborhood located in Georgetown, Texas. This small community was specifically created to mirror how residents lived at one time when they were more spread out over greater distances with less traffic on main roads as well as fewer commercial buildings around them compared to what we have now day-to-day.

The Serenada neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for something between convenience and affordability. You can find everything from small one-bedroom apartments all the way up through large five-bedroom houses in this cozy community.

Serenada is a great place for those who want to live in Georgetown with all its amenities. The neighborhood’s homes are well planned and offer many space options, making it easy for you whether your family needs one or two bedrooms.

It’s also close enough that commute time shouldn’t keep them away from their own personal paradise – which might be why this area has become so popular among young professionals looking at houses near downtown areas yet still have plenty going around within walking distance when they get off work each day.

In contrast to most other neighborhoods in Serenada, there are many newer homes that have been built since 2000. These modern properties offer their owners all of the luxuries they could want – from fully-equipped kitchens and baths (and even washers) up to sleek design features like open floor plans or luxurious backyard decks for outdoor living space

A few residents still own traditional houses from decades ago, but these too underwent some renovations before coming onto the market again, allowing buyers an opportunity at authentic look without having to pay top dollar.

The Serenada neighborhood, with just 0.0% of its real estate vacant, is among one of the most desirable areas in America to live right now. This could be due to either an exceptionally high demand for homes or not enough supply available on the market, which would lead to higher prices per square inch than what you might find elsewhere around town.

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