Smoky Mo’s BBQ

There’s no better way to experience Texas and Cedar Park than by eating some of its world-famous barbecues. Uniquely Southern and uniquely American, the best spots in this state will leave you feeling like part of a disappears with their welcoming atmosphere while also leaving an impression on your taste buds that lasts long after each bite has been taken.

If you’re looking for a down-home BBQ experience with your loved ones, then Smokey Mo’s is the place to be. The casual atmosphere and delicious food will have everyone coming back for more. When you think about BBQ, the first place that comes to mind might be Smokey Mo’s. This Central Texas institution has been operating for over thirty years, and reviewers give them anywhere from four stars up to five. People rave how their brisket falls off when they eat it – no joke here, folks- this stuff is fantastic; some say even better than expected given its proximity.

Growing up in the heart of Texas, there are few things more satisfying than a good barbecue. And with 16 stores across Central Texas and their original restaurant right here in Cedar Park, Texas-you know it’ll be great. The husband and wife team that came up with this business had been doing everything themselves since they opened back when only Lisa worked at Mo’s Barbecue – but now you can find them under one roof again because these days both spouses work together to provide what many think is most incredible food product around Smoky Mo’s BBQ.

Smoky Mo’s BBQ is different than your average barbeque restaurant because they smoke all their meats in-house every day with traditional TexasPost Oakwood, which keeps the meat flavorful and smoky. You won’t regret sampling some of the best bbq around when you drop by this unique establishment.

This Texas-based BBQ joint is known for its signature smoked brisket that stays in the pit for up to 14 hours. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an eating joint in Cedar Park that has more menu items than Lisa’s Bar-B-Q. They offer all the classics like tender ribs and jalapeno sausage with a kick, but they also have some creative entrees such as turkey or creamed corn. You can’t go wrong; their award-winning beans will leave your stomach full without any room left over for dessert.

What sets Smoky Mo’s apart from the competition is how they smoke their meats in-house every day using traditional Texas Post Oakwood. This keeps them flavorful and smoky, which will make your meal taste even better. 

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