Sun City

The developers of the Sun City community have created a neighborhood that reflects the population density of its surroundings. This means it’s not just an average, cookie-cutter development site but rather one rooted in reality with all sorts of unique features built into each plot for imaginative architects who want to make their mark on this world.

The median home price in the Sun City neighborhood is $367,045, which makes it more expensive than 83% of homes across Texas and 66 percent nationwide.

In the Sun City neighborhood of Georgetown, you’ll find an average rental price that is currently $2.937 – which makes it higher than 96% percent of other areas in Texas.

Sun City is the perfect neighborhood to live in if you want a suburban atmosphere with all of Georgetown’s benefits. The population density of this neighborhood makes it an excellent choice for those who like their homes close by yet are not overwhelmed by people or traffic on often-clogged roadways.

In the Sun City area, there are a variety of housing options for you to choose from. You can find small homes with one or two bedrooms that come in all price ranges and sizes – whether it be something cheap but cozy like an efficiency unit on top floor roof account just as easily manageable living space below grade level. If money isn’t so tight, then consider buying your next piece of land ownership by investing in one of these beautiful townhouses, which offer more than enough rooms per household while still maintaining their sleek look at street level appeal without breaking any bank accounts along the demolition process either.

The residential real estate in this community is mostly owner-occupied. Many homes are newer, built between 2000 and the current year; some were even created just last decade. There’s also an assortment of classic craftsman-style houses that date back to between 1970 -1999 or exist on blocks where they’ve been untouched by time – like any piece worthy enough for preservation should be preserved.

Ideal for retirees, Sun City, is a peaceful and quiet neighborhood with above-average safety from crime. It offers diverse housing options that are just what the active retiree needs to keep themselves busy during their golden years.

Working from home is a popular way to avoid the commute, with 18% of Sun City residents doing so. This percentage exceeds that found in 98 percent of other neighborhoods across America.

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