Sweet Eats Fruit Farm

Located at 14400 East State Highway 29, Georgetown, Texas area, Sweet Eats Fruit Farm works to grow nutrient-dense fruit ecologically and ethically using practices that protect the environment and human health. They strive for sustainability to have delicious produce without compromising your integrity or taste buds.

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is a farm that specializes in stone fruit–peaches, nectarines, and plums. In 2013 the owner became tired of getting such terrible produce at the grocery store, so they decided to open people’s eyes into realizing people don’t have to do with junk you can find on your average shelves anymore. Sweet Eats Fruits Farm was going to start by cultivating just these types. Still, then another property came along perfect for blueberries which have since become their primary focus due to its abundance within Texas borders as well as their delicious sweet taste profile matching what consumers expect from traditional dessert items like ice cream or pie crusts (which isn’t surprising considering how many native plants grow here).

During the winter of 2014, the farm planted 32000 blueberry bushes and 5500 fruit trees. In 2017 after a tough decision to close down one location because the water was too salty for growing berries, hopefully, one day, you will see them again.

Working on their philosophy of healthy plants is essential to them. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm works hard so that the plants can resist disease just as much as a human would if they were infected with something harmful. At Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, they know that plants need a healthy environment to thrive, so they test their soil and give them what they need. They also use Foliar Spray Minerals for an extra boost of nutrition.

What you can expect is a day full of fun. You’ll be able to explore the endless acres of land, pick your fruit and take part in all sorts of activities. And if it’s too hot for that? No worries – there will always be plenty of places with shade available no matter what time seasonally fits best.

This farm is the perfect place to take your kids. It has all sorts of things for them, like petting zoos and fruit picking. You can also ride horses or go on a hayride through their scenic fields (they’re even equipped with jump pads, so you don’t have any worries about safety). The maze is great fun, too; it’ll leave both children and adults feeling frustrated after trying difficult trials to find out how to solve this puzzle.

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