Teravista is a small yet cozy suburban neighborhood in the city of Round Rock, Texas. It’s close enough that you can go downtown easily, but not so much noise and traffic from the city will bother your peace at night – especially with all those green spaces around.

The Teravista neighborhood in Round Rock, TX is among the most expensive areas, with a median real estate price that exceeds $485k. This makes it more costly than 90.8 percent of other neighborhoods across Texas and 76.9% nationwide. This means that it’s an exclusive area with high standards for living, which also makes housing prices sky-high.

The rent in this Teravista neighborhood is expensive at an average value of $2,339.88 per month, which is 88.7% higher than those in other neighborhoods across Texas. However, this neighborhood is worth every penny when you consider that most other areas offer less space and are much closer to capacity.

Teravista is a great place to live if you’re looking for either affordable housing or investment property. The real estate here has both single-family homes as well as apartment complexes/high rises with up to four units each. With several different options available, there’s sure to be an apartment or home that matches your needs.

The residential real estate in Teravista is mostly owner-occupied, with many newer houses built between 2000 and recent. There are also some properties that were erected between 1970 – 1999, but these days they’re not so common anymore due to the increasing value of homes here.

It’s easy to notice that the homes in Teravista are newer than those around them. About 94.2% of this neighborhood’s real estate is classified as being from 2000 through today, which makes for a higher proportion compared with 99.8% of other neighborhoods across America. You’ll also detect right away how new these buildings feel – they’re sporting fresh paint jobs and well-maintained landscaping nearly everywhere you look.

Teravista is an ideal neighborhood to live in if you’re an executive lifestyle. It ranks much higher than 90.6% of Texas neighborhoods for this type, and the homes here have plenty of space which makes them perfect spots where such people can reside in peace with their families while enjoying high real estate appreciation rates as well.

The Teravista community in Round Rock is an upper-middle-class area. The people living there have more money than 84% percent of other neighborhoods across America.

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