Texas State U-San Marcos / Academy St

This is an urban residential neighborhood located in San Marcos, Texas area. This neighborhood features an urban atmosphere, and it’s just one example of how development can occur close together without compromising the quality of life for residents or causing traffic issues that often come with these developments happening rapidly outpaced by growth rates throughout most parts of American cities today.

When it comes to real estate, the State U-San Marcos / Academy St neighborhood in San Marcos is definitely a hot spot. The median price for homes there is $255K, which makes this area more expensive than 67% percent of all neighborhoods across Texas as well as 49% nationwide.

The neighborhood of Texas State U-San Marcos / Academy St is a more expensive place to live in comparison with the rest of our state. The average rental price here currently stands at $1,805, which makes it higher than 72% percent of all other neighborhoods across this great state.

The large variety of housing in the Texas State U-San Marcos / Academy St neighborhood is perfect for residents who want something between small apartments and single-family homes. This is a great community to live in if you’re looking for an apartment. There are small apartments, medium-sized ones with three or more bedrooms, and even some high-rise buildings that have been renovated.

With a renter-occupied majority, the residential real estate in Texas State U-San Marcos / Academy St is established but not old. Many residences in this community homes were built between 1970 and 1999, while others can be dated back as far as 1940 or even 1969.

With a concentration of residents currently enrolled in college, the U-San Marcos / Academy St neighborhood has become one that is focused on education. 87% percent here attend some sort of higher-level learning institution, which makes this an excellent spot for those looking for a college student-friendly neighborhood.

With a population that is almost exclusively college students, the Texas State U-San Marcos / Academy St neighborhood offers an excellent living experience to prospective or already enrolled residents. The area’s walkability and safety from crime make it ideal for those who want to be close by when they’re in school.

In the Texas State U-San Marcos / Academy St neighborhood, a high proportion of residents are willing to walk for their daily commute. 28% choose this route which is more than in 98% of American neighborhoods. If you want an easy-going lifestyle with plenty of opportunities around town, then move here where everything from stores and restaurants are within walking distance.

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