The White Horse

The White Horse, situated at 500 Comal St., Austin, TX, 78702, United States, is the perfect place to get lost in its cozy confines. With live music playing every night on stage while you dance among friends or just enjoy some drinks by yourself – this bar has something for everyone.

The White Horse’s most unique feature is undoubtedly their photo booth. They as well have pool tables and a small yard with seating that provides breaks in between sets to take advantage of this opportunity for rest or socializing.

Visit the White Horse and experience the energy of a dive that never seems to wane. You’ll find both old-timers who haven’t left their ranchos in years, as well as hipster ranchers with kids on bikes out front—a multigenerational mix sure not seen anywhere else.

With a full bar, you can be sure that everyone in the house is having an enjoyable time. The drinks are as inexpensive and refreshingly cheap-looking.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or need something to keep your stomach settled after the bar close, there’s no better place than The White Horse. From 6 p.m., they have tacos with fresh ingredients like beef and chicken as well being able serve hot dogs topped off in all their glory–including bacon. If it tastes this good at 1:30 a.m., why not order one? You won’t regret giving these bad boys another chance when compared against other late-night eats out there in town.

When you come to the White Horse, it is not just about getting your drink on. The bartenders are more than happy and willing to lead this night with their expert skills of mixology that will have everyone in town ordering what they’re drinking.

The White Horse is a place where you can get anything from cocktails to bowling, all while being led by the most welcoming staff in town. The bartenders don’t just make sure that your drinks are always fresh; they also take on leadership roles when things get busy, so everyone has an enjoyable time.

White Horse was bred for one thing: parties. This place will make you want to get up and go out with your new friends every single night. It has a great and beautiful atmosphere that can accommodate large groups, even if they’re all looking to have fun together as opposed to just being paired off by someone else who may not share their interests or desires in dating – this means everyone leaves happier after an evening at The White Horse.

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