Things to consider when replacing roof

Looking for roofing experts for replacing roof in your home? A good roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s what protects you from rain, hail, sleet, and snow. But perhaps more importantly, it also protects you from water damage to your walls and ceilings caused by ice dams or leaking roofs. And in some climates, it’s the only thing protecting your family from heat exhaustion in the summer months when temperatures soar well into triple digits. So before you make any decisions about replacing a roof on your house, here are eight things to consider first:


Roofing materials vary widely in quality–and not just in price! Consider how long each material lasts (roof shingles typically last 20 years), how easy they are to install (roof shingles typically require a team of two for installation), and how much work it will be if you have to replace them down the road (roof shingles are easier to take up and replace).

Many asphalt roofs are made with layers of felt paper between the asphalt material. The more layers, the higher the quality. If you live in an extremely cold climate, ask your roofer if he can install a layer of insulation between each layer of felt paper before laying on the roof shingles. This will help keep heat inside your house during those long winters!

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If you live in an area with extreme weather, with heavy snowfall during the winter months, metal roofs are probably best because they can hold up to extreme weather conditions. They’re also great in hurricane zones because metal roofs can be stronger than other types of shingled roofs. If you live in a milder climate, a high-quality asphalt roof with a lifetime guarantee is likely the way to go because you’ll save big on your energy bills.

Metal roofs and asphalt shingles come with warranties that range from 20 years to a lifetime. The average warranty for metal roofs is 25 years, while asphalt shingles usually come with a 50-year warranty. Although asphalt roofing costs more than steel roofing upfront, an asphalt roof will cost less than metal roofing over time because of its longer lifespan — plus it’ll save you money on your power bill every month!

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There are so many different styles for roofs it’s hard to choose! If you have a family or are planning on having one, think about your children’s future. Do they want to install solar panels? Roofs with solar panel attachments are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of installing them has gone down drastically over time. Or if aesthetics are important to you–such as an update for that dated kitchen or bathroom look–think about the options. There are traditional roofs that come in a variety of colors and shingled roofs that can mimic other materials like wood shakes, slate, or clay tiles. Some roofs are metal while others are cement or covered in plants–which is the newest trend on the market.

Energy Efficiency

Newer homes can have energy-efficient roofs from solar panels to reflecting materials that increase insulation. Not only will this help reduce your energy bill but it has been proven to enhance your roof’s lifespan as well as provide a quiet environment by reducing outside noise and minimizing rain impact sound. In many cases, lower energy bills offset any added costs for buying an upgraded roof which can dramatically increase its value upon resale of the house. Traditional asphalt shingles still take top place when it comes to pricing overall, but if you want a modern feel with long-term savings then consider a low-slope roof with better insulation.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything! If you’re selling your home, it may be helpful to speak with a Austin Texas roofing contractors about building a roof around your landscape, trees, and existing structures. By building around these things, you can help protect them while also providing a unique look that your potential buyer is sure to fall in love with.

If your home’s roof is old and damaged, consider hiring a company to replace it before putting your home on the market. If you are looking at foreclosures or short sales, these homes typically do not have working roofs, which can make showing the home difficult. A new roof will show buyers that there are no leaks or other problems with the house.

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Current Roof

If your current roof needs replacing, don’t just replace it with the same one! Think about updating your home’s style with new material. If you have a brick house, a tile roof is an excellent idea as it will match what’s already in your home. And if your current roof is slate or metal, think about going up to something like wood shingles for a change of pace. On the other hand, if you prefer the look and feel of your current roofing material, but not necessarily its performance under wind speeds and snowfall; think about ways you can update it to make it last longer. Could replacing a few shingles or flashing strips give your home’s exterior a new lease on life? Doing this may also help lower insurance premiums!


Last but not least–think about the price! Is this something you want to pay for now or add on later? It all depends on your priorities when it comes to your home renovation budget. If you know you won’t be able to afford a new roof when the time is right, think about taking care of smaller issues that can lead up to needing a new roof down the road such as rotting soffit and fascia or rotted out gutters. You can also add a new roof as addition to your home in the future.


Think about time management when adding a roof. If you need help, look for someone with various licenses such as an architect and building contractor that is insured and bonded–meaning they’ll be around if there’s any damage during installation! Or if you do it yourself, make sure you give yourself ample time to find all the materials and tools required before beginning work on your new roof.

Hire someone to do the work for you

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