Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

When you visit this memorial, it is impossible not to be moved by the countless numbers of American soldiers who gave their lives for our country. The beautiful Plaza Park inside Sun City, Texas’ retirement community pays tribute with an impressive obelisk that stands watch over all those brave souls lost at war’s front lines.

Located at 2 Texas Dr, Georgetown, Texas, the plaza is a stunning tribute to our veterans, who have served in various wars. It includes two walls that cumulatively house over 4 thousand engraved bricks and nine granite plates with the names of those heroes from generations past, giving them strength for what remains yet still awaits them on this path ahead.

Two major events held here annually are Memorial Day and Veterans Day, which commemorate those who have served our country. These open to public observances can be found at any time of year for each respective day. Still, they’re most heavily attended during their designated periods in May or November, respectively.

The Veteran’s Memorial Plaza has been a long-standing symbol of our country’s gratitude for those who have served in uniform. It was originally proposed by Retired Navy Commander Bob Kelety, an Arizona native and veteran from World War II, through today’s modern conflicts abroad and Korea & Vietnam wars on top of it all else.

As early as the community’s inception, residents were serving in military forces, which would not go unnoticed by their peers. Therefore it was important for them to be recognized after all these years of service with a statue or some other form of tribute from our hometown itself. A committee made up solely of people responsible for raising funds approved Bob Kelety’s idea resulting in an expansion onto initial drawings plus selecting one site alongside others.

The Community Association Board approved the concept of a veterans memorial of Directors on May 23, 2002. The following month, they set about to raise approximately $200k in funds from selling engraved bricks that are still being sold today and seeking out local businesses who would be sponsors for this unique project- and it has been a success.

The Veterans Memorial Plaza, which is embedded with 5000 bricks, is where events of all types can take place. It has been the site for graduations, award ceremonies, other forms of recognition, and concerts by bands like The Beatles. The two most recognized events in Sun City, Texas, are Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies. Both of which feature a full program for music, service recognition, and guest speakers to enlighten us on our veterans’ past lives that helped create this great nation we live in today. 

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