Whisler’s, a bar on East 6th Street in Austin area, is the coolest place to be. It has an old vibe, with 21st-century hipsters filling up its crumbling medieval manor doors each night. This is a place for the beautiful people in this world who understand style. You’ll find rugs, portraits, and chandeliers here mixed together with cowboys hats, tattooed faces, or facial hair–it has an ambiance that oozes quirky chic.

Whisler’s is a place for hipsters and bros alike. The pub has the vibe of an old medieval manor, with 21st-century furnishings that are straight outta central casting: rugs on floors; portraits showing off famous ancestors or family members who used to own this land before us–think chandeliers overhead plus some beautiful artwork here too. It doesn’t matter if you’re blonde hair blue-eyed either because, inside Whisler’s, there’ll always be room at one table or another for everyone.

Whisler’s is a local hotspot for young professionals and students in their twenties or thirties. The sun-drenched patio offers great scenery to enjoy some drinks with friends or just kick back after work.

This is a bar that has been dedicated to the art of crafting cocktails. They do an excellent job with their Old Fashioned and hot toddy during cold winter months, but they also offer many other interesting additions for more experienced drinkers looking to explore new tastes on every visit. One such addition? The Autumn Glory – made up specifically as you order it (rum, cinnamon, brandy, pineapple, vanilla, cider).

This is as well a great place to go if you’re looking for expertly crafted cocktails – particularly in the dedicated Mezcal bar upstairs (MeZcaleria Tobala). They do basic drinks very well, but they also add some interesting ingredients that will pique your curiosity and tickle those taste buds of any experienced whiskey or wine drinker. The Autumn Glory cocktail features rum, brandy, cinnamon, vanilla, pineapple, or cider; it sounds delicious.

Whisler’s is more than just drinks; it’s about soaking up the alcohol with some tasty food options. You can find their bar staple sandwiches and burgers on sale from Golden Tiger parked outside in case you want something other than what they’ve got inside for those who don’t like drinking alone or need to make a quick escape after an eventful night out.

Situated at 1816 E 6th St., Austin, Texas, 78702, United States, Whisler’s is a great place to stop for food and drink as well. If you’re looking for an exquisite meal, there are plenty of nearby restaurants with amazing dishes. For a happy hour on the patio at Whisler’s, choose from one of their delicious drafts or maybe something more indulgent.

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