Williamson Museum

Williamson County is home to many hidden gems, and one such treasure is the house inside an old bank building (with a vault door you can open). This small but engaging museum traces Georgetown’s history through various exhibits that showcase both local flora and fauna and artifacts from its past.

Interactive zones have been included to make the museum a more engaging experience. You can also participate in special events, such as Civil War cemetery tours and guided courthouse landmark Williamson County Courthouse visits. Don’t forget about getting your photo-op with a three-legged Willie statue out front – he’s guaranteed not to be boring anyone else who passes by.

Situated at 716 S. Austin Ave., Georgetown, The Williamson Museum is dedicated to collecting and preserving the rich culture of Texas. The non-profit was established in 1997. The items within its collection date back centuries ago when they were used by Native Americans or occupied Spanish settlements such as San Antonio de clinics De la Esperanza Church, where some rituals took place before Snezana lands

The Williamson Museum is home to over 10,000 artifacts that date back centuries. Artifacts include furniture and clothing from as far away as the 1800s. In addition, you can find art pieces displayed on-site or in our storage rooms which contain more than 1 million books written about Texas history–from Portuguese language texts about ranching practices near San Antonio all way up through modern-day accounts regarding Fort Worth’s thriving business scene —and everything else imaginable too.

The museum is always looking for new and creative ways to engage the public, from their annual Pioneer Day at Old Settlers Park, which has been a huge success in years past with over 20 thousand visitors. They also offer free hands-on educational programs such as tours or exhibits so you can learn more about what we have here that’s worth exploring today.

The Williamson Museum’s mission is to provide engaging educational experiences that promote the culture and heritage of Williamson County through historical collections exhibitions programs. The museum aspires for excellence in everything they do, so you can visit to experience history at your leisure while being educated on what makes this region unique.

Step into the past through the museum’s interactive and hands-on exhibits that tell of Williamson County’s history. Exhibits are updated monthly, with new major ones annually- such as this month’s exhibit featuring local artists. Travel trunks are available for rent or purchase if you would like your classroom to experience what life was like back then.

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