Wittliff Collections

Whether a Classical painting or an African sculpture, the Wittliff Collections have something for everyone. This is evident in their exhibits, ranging from paintings by masters like Rembrandt van Rijn and Caravaggio to literature pieces written centuries ago by William Shakespeare and Jane Austen; there really isn’t any artwork they don’t hold.

When it comes to the most lavish museums in Texas, no place can compete with The Wittliff Collections. This incredible museum holds precious collections from artists and literary masterpieces alike. Even if you don’t understand what any single work entails, chances are someone will teach you about them so take advantage.

You will be personally guided through the location. This collection is rare and worthy of human attention. We have a recommendation for you here. Please have a look at Keith Carter’s photographs-they are beautifully captured images that essentially represent important art history in its purest form.

You’ll be able to take a trip down memory lane when you visit this museum in San Marcos, Texas. A visual representation of the time period will come alive with medieval festivities, strange rituals, and other aspects that are now forgotten or unknown in modern-day society. The literary works presented here provide an intriguing insight into what life was like for those who lived during such an exciting era- one which has been largely consumed by history since it happened so long ago.

Wittliff Collections is a museum and research center that strives to collect and preserve people’s artistic process from Southwestern imagination. Thousands each year can engage with our collections to explore how unique character shapes culture in this region.

The main aim of The Wittliff is to collect, preserve and share the legacies of well-established and renowned artists who define Southwestern culture. They present exhibitions that showcase our region’s diverse perspectives on what it means live here with a particular focus on writers from Texas like Jhumpa Lahiri or Sherman Alexie; photographers such as Mary Ellen Mark (1923-2014) whose work showcased Japanese American experience during World War II until her Immigration photographer.

The Wittliff Collections is at the forefront of celebrating our region with various free events, including author and artist talks. You’ll never run out of fun things to do in the area if you join their multiple events and exhibitions. See the best of what collections The Wittliff holds. You can always find something new in a changing exhibition. The Lonesome Dove has been on display year-round for years, so it’s worth your time to explore this masterpiece by Texas painter Charles Holley—and many more great pieces waiting just around each corner. 

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