Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch

The suburban Wood Glen/ Behrens Ranch neighborhood in Round Rock, TX area, is one that’s well worth checking out. This highly sought-after area has an average population density, meaning there are very few inhabitants per square mile. The residences here tend to be larger than most other parts of Round Rock and come equipped with lots of amenities like common grounds or pools nearby so residents can enjoy their time outside while being close enough for quick errands on weekdays when they don’t have any classes at school yet–it really does seem almost too perfect until you realize how much work goes into building these dream homes.

The Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch neighborhood is one of the more expensive areas to live in. The median price for homes here is $624,679, which makes it harder on home buyers but can be worth it in case you have enough money because there’s plenty going around. In fact, the real estate of the area is more expensive than 95.5% of the neighborhoods across Texas and 85.5% nationwide.

The Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch neighborhood is an ideal place to live in Round Rock, Texas. The average rental price here currently stands at $4,553, which makes it higher than 99% of all other neighborhoods across the state.

The Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch neighborhood is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for large homes with multiple bedrooms and plenty of space. The real estate here consists primarily of small apartment buildings as well, so it’s not just homeowners who can choose this area.

The Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch neighborhood is one of the most sought-after areas in all of Round Rock because it offers a great balance between city life and the countryside. Many of the homes in this Wood Glen neighborhood are newer, built between 2000 and the present. There’s also a good number that was constructed between 1970-1999.

In the Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch neighborhood, you’ll find a large population of wealthy and educated adults. They live in stately homes with high appreciation rates that keep them busy but allow for comfortable living surroundings. If your career is keeping up a similar company to these executives – consider settling down in this community.

Homes in the Wood Glen / Behrens Ranch neighborhood are spacious and well-designed. This area has more large 4, 5, or additional bedroom homes than 99% of other neighborhoods across America! When you walk around this part of town, your eyes will be instantly drawn to all those impressively huge properties that make up this one great-looking community.

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